Once a product has reached "end-of-life", we remove it from production in a process planned on a long-term basis. We inform our customers via product termination notices (PTN) with sufficient lead time and continue to supply the agreed level of quality. Often we have already developed a functionally improved successor product which will be displayed in the "Replacement" column above.

This page provides access to Product Termination Notification (PTN) / Product Discontinuance (PD) documents from Legacy Cypress and Infineon. It enables to search functionality to find PTN/PD Documentation by part number, order number or announcement date. The search results include a color code indicating the parts status: red means the last delivery date has passed, yellow the last order date has passed but we are still delivering orders, and green is still open to last orders.

Product Termination/Discontinuance policies are following JESD-48. For more information regarding other notifications (PCN and PIN/Information Notes, and APCN/Early PCN), please contact your local sales representative.